Young People 
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Sunday School

Sunday school (in the community hall or in church) is for all children aged from pre-school and above. Sunday school leaders greet children - on the first and third Sunday mornings each month during term time - just before 10.30am.

Parents are welcome to stay with the children at the community hall or attend the 10.30am service in church, so that children can join parents in church by 11.15am.

Contact details are at the back of the Brindle eVoice news pages each month, in the directory of contacts. Or you are welcome to get in touch using the main church contact email shown on this website. 

Youth Council

Have you met the Youth Council members? You'll find them reading bible passages, singing in the choir, leading intercessions, helping with communion classes, holding the crucifix or perhaps serving cups of tea. 

Junior Choir

Are you in junior school? Do you love to sing? Find out more about junior choir, playing the piano and taking part in church services.

Bell Ringing

Do you want to learn to ring? All ages welcome. Contact Stuart for more information.

Contact details are at the back of the Brindle eVoice news pages, in the directory of contacts. Please find the latest link on the home page.

Cherry Kirkwood, 15/06/2020