Resuming unrestricted access to worship together will be such a joy. In the meantime, there are church service options for you to book in advance. And you can request access to Zoom services during pandemic restrictions.

If you are new to our parish or would like to resume attendance at services, please email for joining instructions.

If you are registered on our church database, you will receive a quarterly email with a form to request a church service. Everyone on the database receives Zoom worship instructions each week. You can also worship alongside the congregation when you watch recordings of our services on YouTube. If you would like a service sheet, they are updated on this page each week.

A schedule of worship services in the Brindle Voice, service sheets, notices and times of private prayer are published on our news page.

Booking services when they are available in church:

We need to stay safe when in the church building and grounds of Brindle, St James’ Church. This is a difficult time and we appreciate your patience and flexibility as we comply with the guidelines.

To secure a seat at any of the services in church you need to complete and return the booking form in advance; stating your name and the number of people attending (these must be people in your bubble and no more than 6 in the party).

If you have booked a service in church, but for some reason cannot attend, then please email Sue Boult as soon as possible so that your pew can be offered to others.

Some services are especially popular. When the number of people is greater than the seats available, everyone will be contacted to confirm attendance or to consider attending one of the other services during the week.

Hand washing, face coverings and social distancing (Hands, Face, Space):

The guidelines state that we can be in church for up to 1 hour. We are doing our best to provide access and exit from church without the need to queue. If there is a queue then please remain 2 metres apart and wear your face covering at all times within the church perimeter gates.

Please remain seated in the pew once the service has concluded. You will be guided out by one of the wardens or sidespeople. This will help with the flow and maintain social distance.

Please ensure you are dressed warmly when attending a service. Although we will continue to heat the building, we are expected to keep all doors open for ventilation.

Hand sanitising stations are available as you enter and leave church and when you come up to the altar for communion.

Test, Track and Trace:

The Brindle St. James' church booking system and the NHS Test & Trace scanning the QR code in church means that we are aware of who has been in church and where they have been sitting.

In the event that anyone in the congregation tests positive for Covid-19 then NHS track & trace will get in touch.

Please be assured that if you are not contacted directly, then this is because you have not been in close or extended contact with the affected person. Therefore, there are no further steps necessary.

In Summary:

  • Put your face covering on as you enter the Church Grounds and keep it on until you leave the Church grounds.
  • Sanitise as you come in and as you leave.
  • Use the NHS Test and Trace Venue check-in.
  • Keep your distance from others – 2m.
  • Limit conversations with others.
  • Let us know if you can’t attend a service you have booked for.
  • Please remain seated until you are asked to leave at the end of the service.
  • Go for a test if you display symptoms or are told to by NHS Track and Trace.
We manually clean, or mechanically fog, after each service if there will be less than 72 hours between services.

Thank you for supporting these procedures. It helps to keep us safe and well.

Further Information:

If you wish to receive the booking form, weekly notice sheet or further information then please do get in touch.